Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Gen2 Skyactiv)


Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Gen2 Skyactiv)

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Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Gen2 Skyactiv)
PRE-SALE! Reserve your colour and ensure you're one of the first to receive your hose kit! LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE!

Heater Hoses:
Hose Clamps:
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The Pre-sale is to allow our customers the ability to reserve their colours in advance, at a slightly reduced price. This will help us produce an accurate and full initial order, and ensure we're not ordering hoses no one wants to buy. Colour options will remain flexible until we receive our first sample, and submit the final order in April. At that time, the inventory will be restricted to what we have ordered and your preferred colour may not be available.

Developed by DRTuned Racing, these high quality silicone hoses mate form and function into one product.

OEM rubber hoses break down over time, and increasingly so with exposure to grease and oils found in your engine bay. Replace them with some bling and before they leave you stranded!

Our high performance 3-ply design ensures maximum durability at an economical price. There is no change in performance between colour options.
Max pressure: 72.5 PSI
Temperature range: -40°C to +220°C (-40°F to +428°F)

The boiling temperature of your car's coolant increases with pressure, which is why coolant reservoirs are fitted with a pressure cap that ranges anywhere from 15-30 PSI.
At 30 PSI of pressure, standard mixtures of automotive coolant have a boiling point of ~150°C, with a typical maximum operating temperature of ~100°C.
Far below the safe maximum for our silicone hoses!

Hose Clamps?
The hose clamp option is for anyone who would like to replace their factory spring clamps with high quality, stainless steel worm-gear style clamps. These clamps are made of 9mm wide stamped stainless steel (W4 grade), and will not cut, tear, or otherwise damage your new silicone hoses. They also ensure sufficient clamping force on the thicker, tougher silicone hoses to prevent any possibility of coolant leaks.
OEM spring clamps are not guaranteed to be leak free with our silicone hoses. The clamping force, installation, and position of OEM clamps are unknown and unpredictable. It is highly recommend you upgrade with our hose clamp kit!

Fitment: 2012-2013 2.0L Skyactiv Mazda 3's

This silicone hose kit replaces the following OEM hoses:

Upper Radiator Hose: PE081518XA

Lower Radiator Hose(s): PE081518YA

Cylinder Head Bleed Hose: PE0815380

Radiator Bleed Hose: PE0715380

In addition, the heater hose option also replaces both upper and lower heater hoses.