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If you've read any of our articles on sponsorship, you'll know that we don't hand them out lightly. Everyone seems to think that you need a huge following on Instagram, big dollar racing budgets, lots of experience, etc. That's simply not true. Sometimes you just need to express the right amount of enthusiasm to present yourself as a strong ambassador. Pair that with some potential racing results and you're a winner.

Enter Isaac Dippel.
Isaac is an enthusiastic boy from Ontario, who's just getting started with his racing and already doing well. When I (Daniel) got started in racing, a few companies took notice of what we was doing and decided to support us with sponsorships. Many years later you have what you see today in DRTuned Racing, and the partnerships that were formed in the first stages still thrive today.

The following is Isaac's introductory bio, and one of many articles written by him that you will see throughout the season. You can look forward to reading about his car's setup, summaries from Isaac's races, and some very down to earth write-ups on things like oversteer, understeer, and changes you can make to modify those handling characteristics.



Hi my name is Isaac Dippel. I am a 14-year-old boy who loves snowmobiling in the winter and driving a race car and sailing in the summer. I started racing when I was just 12 years old with a Chevy Cavalier with a four-cylinder 2200 under the hood. We got the car from another racer who had driven the car in 2015, after which my Dad and I picked it up, made the necessary repairs and purchased all required safety equipment. My Dad took me to the track every Wednesday night for weeks to practice. He made me do at least 100 laps a night. Then it was finally time for my first race. Man was I nervous!

I went out and raced against 20 other older and more experienced drivers and came home with a 10th and 11th place finish for my first two feature races. I still wasn’t really sure I liked racing, so my Dad took me to more practices, for a lot more laps so I would feel more comfortable in the car. The best I ever placed in 2016 was 5th, and in season points I finished 11th overall out of 31 registered drivers. By this point I had decided I liked racing.


With my first year a success and my interest in racing confirmed, my dad wanted to build me a new car for the 2017 season. My parents own a garage and one of their customers was done with her 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Knowing it would make a great race car with the 2.2 eco tech engine my Dad bought it, and so began the long road of building a new race car. My Dad and I spent many hours getting it ready. The first thing we had to do was change it from automatic to manual. Many things had to be changed to accommodate the manual transmission, from a different front axle, to cutting the brake pedal to fit in the clutch pedal.

Once the engine and transmission were working well, it was time to strip the car and build the roll cage. My Dad custom bent and fit the cage to the body. Once my Mom was sure the car was safe the next thing to decide was the paint job for the car. Dad found a picture of the kind of colours he wanted and away we went with painting a bright yellow body with blue and red cloud like shapes down the sides of the car. Next was to make sure all my wonderful sponsors were clearly visible on the sides, hood and rear. Also can not forget the #18 on the door and roof.

Now it was time to see how this new car would work on the track. I didn't practice as much this year, only 2 Wednesdays before it was time to race, but I went out for the first feature and started that race feeling great! My position was in the middle of the track, and I was working my way past other cars when an unfortunate hit took out my radiator ending that race for me. Good thing my Dad is super handy and someone lent us radiator so I could go out for the second feature that same night. I started in the middle of the group again, but with this time with amazing results and I won my first race!
My Mom and Dad came running to victory lane, as we were all so excited. Even better was the previous owner of my race car was there, and she could not believe it either. What a fantastic night!!! As it turned out that was the first of many great nights with 10 wins, 24 top 5's, and 25 top 10's out of 27 features I was in. Which led to being the points champion for 'Fun Stock' 2017!

What a season!!!


This year we are moving from fun stock to 'Mini Stock'. The car we are using is a Mazda 3, 6 speed that was donated from Brouwer Service Center where Richard Geerlinks works (Richard helped me my first year of racing and then bought the Cavalier and drove that last year as #78), in return for their name on the hood.


The first thing we did with the new car was to strip everything out of the interior, right down to the glue that held the carpet in place. I used a plasma cutter to cut the door skins off and the trunk skin off. Then we took the back suspension out so we could adjust it to get the camber that’s needed. We also modified the front suspension to get the camber upfront.
At the same time my Dad and I custom bent and welded the roll cage to the body. We took the engine out so that we could cut the front frame rails off the car, and replace them with new ones made of square and rectangle pipe to mount our engine on. While it was out we took the transmission off the engine, and split the gearbox casing open in order to weld up the differential. When we thought things were going well Dad started to do the math (I do not like math), and he discovered that the gear ratio would not work for the track.
Based on our numbers, it would rev too high in 2nd gear and 3rd would rev to low. So we had to find a 5 speed Mazda 3 and remove that transmission to weld the differential. While Dad worked on that I painted the interior and roll cage #12 purple (in memory of Tyler who has passed away).

That’s where we are now. Still lots to be done to the car, but we'll get it done!


Isaac Dippel

Isaac Dippel is a 14 year old stock car racer from Ontario and spends the remainder of his free time snowmobiling and instructing sailing. He started racing at 12 years old, and won the 2017 'Fun Stock' Championship! For 2018 Isaac is racing 'Mini Stock' in a 2008 Mazda 3 sponsored by DRTuned Racing!